Withering TBR Pile

To try and combat the never ending list I have decided to dedicate at least one day a week to reminding myself what books are on that list by sharing with you guys.

Two years have passed and I have transformed in several ways. I am now a credentialed teacher and am officially completed with school (at least for the near future). This means that my weekly TBR list has also transformed. If you have been following, or even remember following me, then you will remember that I was focused on reading mainly YA novels, novellas, and short stories. While I am not stopping any of those, I am adding books about education and adding a list of articles and essays. I am going to try and keep up with the weekly updates but my TBR post may go from weekly to monthly because I will be walking into my first year of teaching and everything that comes along with that. Not trying to stress myself out here.

So what am I adding? Well, I don’t see many articles and essays reviewed other than in journals. So I am playing around with the idea of adding them to my reviews. Not sure how that will work out seeing as I have never seen it done by a blogger before and frankly not sure where to start. We will just have to see how this unfolds in the coming year.

This post was originally designed to help me catch up on my TBR list that keeps getting bigger and bigger thanks to all my “squirrel!” moments with new releases. Now I want to see it morph into a way to organize my reading and keep me on task with my reading goals. I want to continue to find new and diverse literature to teach in the classroom, keep up with new research, and continue to learn and grow as a teacher. So here is this new teachers TBR list for the month of July!


Top 10 TBR Novels

Top 5 TBR Short Stories & Novellas

Top 5 TBR Articles and Essays

What about you? Have you managed to read any books on your TBR list or did you succumb to the new release or new book gotta-haves? Do we share any of the same books on our TBR list?

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