Withering TBR Pile

To try and combat the never ending list I have decided to dedicate at least one day a week to reminding myself what books are on that list by sharing with you guys.

Here is an update on my TBR pile. I have finished Fangirl and Carry On (reviews coming). I have started Nyxia Unleashed as I was trying to complete it before its release date yesterday and am almost there.

I also completed two short stories, “Letter to the End of the Twentieth Century” and “The Demon Barker on Wheat Street.” This week was a bit overwhelming because it’s the second to last week for my summer school students. That means piles of papers to grade. I snuck in a short story by Kevin Hearne and read it with my kids. Is that cheating?

Since it was a long week I did not get to any articles or essays. I did find more to add to my list though. That’s how it goes with TBR piles, right?

Top 10 TBR Novels

Top 5 TBR Short Stories & Novellas

Top 5 TBR Articles and Essays

What about you? Have you managed to read any books on your TBR list or did you succumb to the new release or new book gotta-haves? Do we share any of the same books on our TBR list?

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