Rating Guidelines


All reviews on Never Never Land Reviews are honest expressions of my own opinions. I review basically anything I read and I rate using a 5-star system and will occasionally include half stars. Reviews are posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Netgalley, and other places by request.

*If I do rate a book with half stars I always round up on sites, such as Goodreads and Amazon, and will note as such. 

Genres I Read

I am a soon to be first year High School / Middle School English teacher.  So I try to stick to mainly YA books. I am particularly interested in fantasy and love, love, love dystopian/apocalyptic based novels. However, I like to venture out of these niches and read memoirs/autobiographies, historical fiction, some romance, science fiction, creative non-fiction, and sometimes contemporaries in both the YA and Adult areas. This includes short stories and novellas. If you want me to review something please see the Contact section for more information.

DNF Pile

I will not leave a review for any work I decide to not finish reading, nor will I leave a reason why on my blog. I will simply state that it was moved to my DNF pile. There can be many reasons for this If you are an author interested in my reasons please contact me and I will be happy to chat.

Rating Scale

StarThe book is terrible. I tried to finish it but lost the battle.  I do not recommend it to anyone.


I did not like it. The book has potential but there were problems for me.


It was okay. It wasn’t over the top or attention grabbing but I liked the storyline.


I like it. It is better than average but I needed a little something more.

4 stars

The book is really good. It kept me interested but is missing something.


The book is great, almost perfect but there are some issues I have with it.


The book is fantastic. I loved it. I recommend it. I will read it again!

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